Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch
Shoe Stretch

Shoe Stretch

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  • PREMIUM SHOE STRETCHER: FootMatters Professional Shoe Stretch is a leather conditioner that is formulated to soften and stretch tight fitting shoes or boots, while you walk
  • TRUSTED BRAND: We make the best products on the market to make sure your Shoes, Boots, Slippers and Sandals are comfortable and well taken care of, If you are not happy with your purchase, Please contact us and we will issue a refund
  • WONT STAIN OR FADE: Safe and effective. The spray will go on clear and will never cause discoloration, no matter what color your shoes may be
  • WORKS ON MULTIPLE MATERIALS: Works on a wide variety of materials, including: Leather, Suede, Canvas, Synthetics, Linens, Nubuck and Patent leather
  • EASY TO USE: Shake bottle, Spray generously on the area you want to expand (inside and outside), put on your thickest pair of socks and immediately wear your Boots or Shoes, walk around in them till dry. Repeat as needed. You can also use a wooden shoe stretcher overnight instead of wearing the shoes after application


Packs: 6 per inner case/48 master carton
Case Wt: 
Carton Wt: 
Carton Meas: 
HTS #: 
Class: 55

 PT #                      UPC #                             TYPE
58028             0 1397758028 4               4 oz Bottle
18028             0 1397718028 6               4 oz Bottle (2 Bottles)
18201             0 1397718201 3               4 oz Bottle & Mini Stretchers


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